Dermaplaning is a precise exfoliation technique that delicately removes dead skin cells, facial hair, and fine, downy vellus hair from your face. This treatment not only imparts a radiant glow to your skin but also enhances the absorption of skincare products and facilitates a smoother makeup application. Dermaplaning offers a gentle exfoliation option, especially suited for individuals with sensitive skin, making it an excellent alternative to microdermabrasion or chemical peels. Importantly, dermaplaning does not induce thicker hair growth; in fact, with repeated sessions, fine hairs may even appear finer.
Treatment Details:
Duration: Typically, this treatment lasts for 30 minutes.
Makeup Caution: To optimize the results, we recommend refraining from applying makeup for at least 12 hours following your session.
Treatment Frequency: For ideal outcomes, consider scheduling treatments every 6 weeks.
    Beneficial Outcomes:
    Skin Tone and Texture: Enhances skin tone and texture, revitalizing your complexion.
    Facial Rejuvenation: Breathes new life into your facial appearance.
    Complexion: Promotes an overall improvement in complexion.
    Hair: Addresses unwanted facial hair.