Certification: Wax Technician $895
Includes: Training manual & student waxing kit (valued at $395)

Duration: 3 Days
Day 1-2: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm + Online Component (Hybrid Course)
Day 3 - Exam: 9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Students opting for the hybrid option will begin by completing an online theory component before the course commences. At Twisted Pretty, our focus during in-school training is on achieving strong practical proficiency in Waxing.

During this 3-day hybrid course, students will delve into theory, gaining knowledge and mastering step-by-step procedures for effective, safe, and comfortable hair removal on all areas of the body. The curriculum covers bacteriology and sanitation, hair anatomy, contraindications, and more. Additionally, students will be introduced to premium-quality waxing lines sourced from various countries, learning about the benefits of different wax types. Active participation is essential, with students practicing on each other on day 1 and models required for day 2 and the exam. Quotas are mandatory.

Module 1 - Theory Lecture:
Students must thoroughly read the complete Waxing Manual.

Module 2 - Demo Video:
A professionally recorded demonstration of the service will be provided for students to watch.

Module 3 - Q&A Session:
A live Q&A session will be held on Day 1, allowing students to ask questions about the theory covered and ensure they understand the course requirements.

Module 4 - Quota Submission:
Before the exam, students must submit their quota requirements to their student folder on Google Drive.

Theory Exam:
This exam can be completed online once students feel confident, but it must be done at least 1 day prior to the scheduled exam date.

Practical Exam:
The live practical exam time will be listed on the PDF invoice. Model times will be confirmed by the instructor during the initial Q&A session.

Enhance your skills by adding the Brow Shaping + Tinting Workshop for only $295 (Value $395 | SAVE $100). This workshop must be booked together with the Waxing course.


Certification: Brow Shaping & Facial Waxing Workshop $395
Includes: Body Treatments student kit and manual (valued at $163)

Duration: 1 Day
Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm + Online Component (Hybrid Course)

Students opting for the hybrid option will start by completing an online theory component before the workshop begins. Our in-school training focuses on achieving strong practical proficiency in Brow Shaping & Facial Waxing.

In this hybrid workshop, students will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to perform eyebrow shaping and facial waxing with confidence. Curriculum covers correct measurements of brows, perfect eyebrow arching, brow tweezing, and safe, step-by-step waxing techniques using a variety of waxes. Emphasis is placed on client consultation, face-shaping analysis, the five basic brows, brow makeup, and tools of the trade. Two models are required for this workshop due to its hybrid structure.

This option requires students to study ahead of attending a mandatory instructor-led Q&A session. Two weekends before the scheduled Day 1, students will receive online access to the class via our online school.. Attendance at the webcam-enabled Q&A with the Instructor is mandatory, allowing students to ask questions and gauge their readiness to begin Quota submission.

Module 1 – Theory:
Students will watch Twisted Pretty Brow Shaping & Facial Waxing Workshop theory lecture, presented by Kora Popesco. The lecture will be followed by a careful reading of the complete Brow Shaping & Wax Manual.

Module 2 – Q&A Session:
A live 30–45-minute Question & Answer video conferencing session with the Brow Shaping & Waxing educator is scheduled. This session covers the course outline, station setup, tips & tricks, troubleshooting, and more. It's an opportunity for students to ask questions before starting the practical portion.

Module 3 – Demo Video:
Students will receive step-by-step protocols for Brow Shaping and Brow Waxing services, presented by Twisted Pretty.

Module 4 – Quota Submission:
Students must submit one client quota of Brow Shaping and Brow Waxing to complete the practical component of this workshop to the student folder on Google Drive.

All additional Brow Shaping & Waxing resources will be provided in the online program for reference and printing.